The monitoring of sea turtles and manatees, the management of Organic Farm, the conduction of ecotourism tours and volunteering, are just some of the PROJECTS carried out by our organization.

The ECOTOURISM TOURS we offer, from the AAMVECONA facilities, are the Manatee, Sea Turtle and Bird Watching, Rainforest Trekking and Wetland rivers Kayaking.



- Develop of a Marine Turtle Conservation and Monitoring Program on the beaches of San San Pond Sack Wetland, with local participation, that will lay the foundations for the sustainable management of natural resources.
- Develop of a Conservation and Monitoring Program for Manatees residing in the San San River basin, ensuring the continuity of the species and the natural ecosystems of the San San River, on which it depends.
- Restore biological connectivity in the lower San San river basin by recovering altered ecosystems, especially forests and wetlands.


Sea Turtles

- Volunteer training on sea turtle monitoring.
- Construction and maintenance of nursery, management of nests.
- Night patrols on the beach.
- Registration of turtles, handling of marks, visual inspection.
- Database update.
- Cleaning of beach during the day


- Volunteer training on manatee monitoring.
- Boat trip on the San San River, using telemetry equipment to locate the animal, identifying its habits and behavior.
- Georeferencing of the sites where the manatee is located or seen.
- Record of ethological data of manatee sightings.
- Sampling and recording of the physicochemical variables of water.

Farm Tres Bocas

- Maintenance of nursery and seedlings.
- Collection of seeds in the wetland.
- Records of biometric data of seedlings in the nursery and in the areas of reforestation.


- Sighting of Manatees from the platform in the river San San (diurnal).

- Observing nesting of sea turtles on the wetland beach (nocturnal).

- Land tour of various trails located within the wetland (diurnal).

- Land tour for bird watching (daytime) with specialized guide.

- Kayak tour through the San San River and its tributaries (diurnal), observing the fauna and flora of the wetland.